AGH – UST is situated in Cracow (Kraków) Poland, which for years was a capital of Poland, the town of polish kings. Actually Cracow has a 5 place in tourist attraction in Europe. In this part of Poland there are numerous mines of salt, coal, copper, zinc, lead and silver. For these mines necessities was founded in 1816 Academy of Mines the first Technological Superior School in Poland. In the year 1919, one year after the independence recuperation this school was transformed into the University. Actually AGH-UST is one of the greatest and the most prestigious technological schools in Poland, strongly related with the heavy industry. Number of branches of science is 58, including 200 specializations. 1970 professors work in 17 faculties. The number of engineering, master and doctor students  reaches the level more than 35 000, in this there are 670 foreign students and 40 of them which are making their doctor studies.

Our University has firmed 256 cooperation agreements with other Universities from all over the world. We have also in our University the International School of Technology related to Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA.

Close to the University an Academic City (Miasteczko Studenckie) is located where are rooms for more than 9000 students in 20 buildings. In this Academic City there are located also playgrounds, swimming pool, supermarket, and the post office. There is internet in all rooms.

Generally, Summer Courses have a duration of 4 weeks, with 96 hours of conferences and lab practices (Monday – Friday). The language of classes is basically English but some courses are in Spanish. During the Courses (depending on a course) we offer for students lab practices, excursions to industrial plants and text books. Together to our Summer Courses we join an excursion program of cultural, geographical and historical character. At the end of Courses all participants receive qualifications and occasional diploma.

Place: AGH – University of Science and Technology, al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 KRAKÓW Poland

Duration: 4 weeks. Generally one Summer Course is estimated as 2 topics, eg. :48 hours of conferences and 48 hours of labs (for one student). Summer Courses 2018 starts June – 18.

Reporting deadline: April-18-2018

Student groups recommended: All laboratories are prepared to work with teams of 15 students personally. We can therefore take up to 45 people at the Summer Course. For better teaching process are recommended slightly smaller group of laboratory: 24 (30) 36 (45). In the laboratory, these groups are divided into two or three parts, each of which comprises 12 (15) students.

Lenguage of the Course: English (or Spanish)

Materials: At the beginning of each of the courses, students receive a package of teaching materials for lectures and laboratory exercises as well as materials to prepare homework. Depending on the needs, these materials are delivered in the form of scripts or are recorded on USB sticks.

Course evaluation: in the scale of 1 – 100 on a base of partial exams or final exam. Evaluation of lab works (homework, activities ) may increase or decrease the final note for 5÷10 points.

Accomodations: In 2018 all students will be accommodated in the Students City (MIASTECZKO STUDENCKIE) situated 1 km far from the AGH UST University.  Profesional group will be accommodated in the building OLIMP, and a group of high school students will be accommodated in an adjacent building BABYLON. The current cost of a double room (one night) is 38USD ($ 19 per student). Every two rooms have one bathroom with a shower-bath as well as electric kettle and electric ceramic cooker. For every two floors is one laundry with 5 washing-machines.It is recommended to made copies of passport and airline ticket in order to avoid many problems in case of loss or theft. In buildings OLIMP and BABYLON is the internet as well as Wi-Fi.

Summer Course cost: It depends on the number of students participating in the Summer Course for a group of:

for a group of 25 – 45 students 1450 USD (Course   950USD + excursions 500USD)       for a group of 21 – 24 students 1550 USD (Course 1050USD + excursions 500USD)       for a group of 15 – 20 students 1650 USD (Course 1150USD + excursions 500USD)           for a group of 11 – 14 students 1750 USD (Course 1250USD + excursions 500USD)       for a group of   9 – 10 students 1850 USD (Course 1350USD + excursions 500USD)       for a group of   6 –   8 students 1950 USD (Course 1450USD + excursions 500USD)

– contains a package of teaching materials for lectures and laboratory exercises, welcome party, farewell party and all excursions (transport, tours, guide). Depending on the type of course are also provided excursions to industrial plants.Summer Course cost does not include accommodation and meals.

– There will be organized a 3 day trip to Prague with the price of 190USD per person. Participants of this tour make payments individually, directly in Krakow. Bus departure from Krakow to Prague is planned in 2018 on Friday 13 July at 13:00 and return to Cracow on Monday 16 July at 23:00. The university which organizes the Summer Course decides whether to participate in this trip is mandatory or voluntary, and this information will be communicated to us until April 18, 2018 in EXCELL sheet, together with other information about students. Since the trip to Prague is organized at the end of the course, please also specify on the worksheet EXCELL information, which students after a trip to Prague will returned to Cracow and who will stay in Prague. We reserve for all students stay in the Academic City building OLIMP on Wednesday 19 July.

We ask you to send money on the University account and the appropriate Faculty no late then 3 weeks before the beginning of the Course. Sometimes we wait 10-14days for the money transference.

Arrivals and departures:it is recommended the Cracow airport, 3km far from the center of Cracow. Taxi transport (2-3persons) costs at a level of 60 zl in a day and 80 zl at night and in Sunday. The cheaper way is to travel from the airport to the Student City by bus 208. Leaving the airport you should turn right and after about 100m you reach the bus terminal. At the ticket machine, you should buy a ticket for 4 zł (4PLN). Buses leave this terminal every hour from 4:20 am to 9:20 pm. Entering the bus you have to validate the ticket immediately in the appropriate box. After passing 21 stops you should get off at the bus stop “AGH Miasteczko Studenckie”. Leaving the bus, after passing about 100m you reach the buildings OLIMP and BABILON.

Katowice airport is 120km far from Cracow, from this airport by airport bus to Cracow. Tickets for this van can be purchased together with flight tickets or on the plane.

Warsaw airport (350km far from Cracow, from this airport by railroad INTERCITY to Cracow. 2.5 hours.

We address a request for the coming of the professor responsible for a group no late then his group and leaving no earlier than his group.

Time: time in Poland is shifted for 6 hours with relation to USA an 7 hours with relation to Mexico DF and 5 hours with relations to Chile and 6 hours with relation to Kazakhstan. If we have in Poland 3:00pm, there is 8:00am in Mexico DF, 9:00am in NY,  11:00am in Porto Rico and 8:00pm in Kazakhstan.

Urban transport: As an urban transport we have tramways and busses in Cracow. Before getting on a bus or tramway you have to buy a normal ticket, in these places in which papers and cigarettes are sold. Foreign students no have discounts for tickets. There is the same kind of tickets for tramways and for busses. Entering the tram or bus you have to validate it in the appropriate box..

It is recommended that after arriving to Krakow students provided themselves with individual monthly tickets. The cost of such a ticket is actually 94zł (approx. 25USD). Monthly tickets processed in the Communications Center of the City, which is located on ul. Podwale 3/5 (next to Bagatela Theatre), 9:00 – 19:00. Necessary to photograph the document is scanned from another document, eg. Passport.

At the Summer Courses generally we accept groups organized by the Universities of the students, but in individual, justified cases, we also accept individual students. Students are obliged to comply with the tutor professor with the University organizing the summer course.

Application procedure and deadlines 2018:
April 18 – In the case of groups of students sent to the Summer Courses for Universities, Colleges send the list of students on the sheet EXCELL data by adopting the form (application form) to the email address: grzbiela@agh.edu.pl. Students individual send application forms to the same email address.

May 14 – students receive an information about their reception on a Course on a page Actualities of www.summer-course.agh.edu.pl

May 14 – AGH UST send INVOICE to Universities that send Students for Summer Courses
May 29 – universities (students) send a charge transfer to the bank account of the AGH-UST:                                                                                                                        IBAN PL 15 1240 4722 1787 0000 4854 0977                                                              SWIFT: PKOPPLPW                                                                                                    Account owner: AGH, 30-059 Kraków, Al. .Mickiewicza 30                                         Title transfer: ……… eg. Summer Course SIM 2018.

June 18– Summer Courses 2018 starts

Summer Courses Coordinator::

dr Czeslaw Grzbiela: AGH – building D13, room 04, street (ulica) Gramatyka 8a        Phone: (48) – (12) – 617-28-10 [(48) is Poland and (12) is Kraków],                                  fax (48) – (12) – 633-22-84                                                                                                 Home address: ul. Skarbińskiego 2/102, 30-071 Kraków, Poland,                                 Phone (48) – (12)- 637-14-04, tel. celular: (48) – 604-705-856,               Skype:czeslaw_grzbiela
Email: grzbiela@agh.edu.pl                                                                                       University page: www.agh.edu.pl